Current Season

Cantilena Women's Chorale singing, directed by Jennifer Kane and accompanied by Joshua T. Lawton

Fall 2021

Fire in the Garden:
Choral music about climate change

December 12, 2021 (Sunday) at 8:00pm (livestreamed)
and available until January 12, 2022

Red, orange, and yellow colored flames superimposed on the silhouette of a tree

Cantilena believes that music about climate change, a topic of global and urgent interest, has been sadly lacking from choral literature.
We are spotlighting the state of the climate crisis with a major new commissioned work for women's voices by composer Giselle Wyers.

The powerful texts for this choral premiere are taken from the words of climate activists and thinkers. Drawing from diverse sources such as Greta Thunberg, Denise Levertov, Barbara Deming, and Hildegard von Bingen, Seattle-based Wyers addresses environmental changes that have already occurred as well as inevitable changes yet to come, and concludes with a call for all of us to act now to forestall even greater disaster.

This concert also features other ecologically-focused choral works, such as "The Blue Eye of God" by Canadian Nancy Telfer and "Greta Sails" by Moira Smiley, and other works that highlight the beauty and importance of the natural world.

Watch or listen to
Allegra Martin's conversation with Giselle Wyers
about the creative process behind

Fire in the Garden: A Climate Change Trilogy